A new home of education

Algarve International are  laying solid foundations for a stable learning environment.

Education a different way.

Located in the heart of the Algarve, AIS is planning to shake things up a little with a fresh new approach to education and is confident that its focus on the whole child will provide a refreshing alternative

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About The Algarve international School.

Our Ethos



The Algarve International school was born out of the coming together of colleagues with respect and admiration for one another to build a project for the education and growth of children.

Parents who entrust us with the job of educating their children will know that we will naturally endeavour to fulfil the responsibility. It is a huge responsibility which the Directors and teachers at our school intend to honour with the utmost care and respect.

Our Vision


  •  To individualise learning through small class sizes and a bespoke approach.
  • To ignite an interest in the world around us and teach all students to be global citizens.
  •  To balance exam success with sport, creativity and music
  • To encourage the use of information and communication technology in daily life as a modern and forward-thinking school.
  •  To create a supportive, nurturing environment in which every child will thrive and flourish.
  • To ensure a lifelong love of learning in each child by guaranteeing that each child experiences academic success.
  • To develop interpersonal skills such as maturity, responsibility, leadership, communication and collaboration. 

Our Mission


 At The Algarve International School, the team of highly qualified and experienced teachers are building a caring school that will develop the whole child, balancing the personal, academic and interpersonal in all areas of school life. 

 To introduce and reinforce the belief that true progress comes from questioning the way in which things have been done before as well as the belief that you get out exactly what you put in.

With hard work, effort, dedication and belief anything is possible.